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Monday, October 3rd, 2005
12:27 pm
Old Contest Results
Old Contest Results::


Current Mood: cheerful
12:21 pm
Guidelines for posting....

When you post a new, non-contest video, please use the following info.

It is completely optional to use a lj-cut. If you post more than one video at a time, however, I require you to use a cut.

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12:15 pm
Orienting Ourselves
Since this is square one, I figure I should post my own bio.

Name: Azar.

Age: 18

How did you get into video making?: A few years ago (aka 6) I started downloading AMV's, primarily Final Fantasy ones. I started making my own by chopping up those ones.

How long have you been making videos?: Six years.

What shows do you use most often?: Teen Titans and Sailor Moon.

Any favorite ships, characters, or techniques you want to share?: Raven/Robin (TT), Raven, Sailor Venus

Show us your favorite video! (link): All Over Me

Current Mood: accomplished
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